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The drawing room is a private space where we host guests. We plan and design your drawing room to make it look colorful, interesting, and fascinating. We design a drawing room with a custom sofa, custom 3D design, modern cabinets, and wooden flooring. Our designer creates a beautiful atmosphere with natural lighting. We set the furniture based on your functional needs. Our designer will work based on the style you want to design and design concepts as drawing room interior design in Bangladesh. The complete room plan will be a space that you have dreamed of.

Our Drawing Interior service Include

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For drawing room interior design, we focus on the preference and desires of our clients to meet the highest standards. We focus on making the drawing-room spectacular, rustic, and stylish. We have creative themes which are updated and trendy to reflect your style. We pick the right color palette with cool tones to give contemporary look. Warm color tones look better in dark areas to create a rustic look. Based on the theme you pick, we select furniture, lighting, and decor. The perfect modern drawing room interior design will bring the exact look for the drawing-room that you want.

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Progress moves us forward without marginalizing efforts to disrupt responsibility toward a potential the compromising.

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Our team members will understand your needs and work with full dedication. Expert designers are skilled in creating designs meeting the standards. They are specialized and committed to delivering work on time. You can leave your dream design to our designers to handle.


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Our Customer Review ?

The deft decor has a bunch of satisfied customers in the world. Their positive feedback is our ultimate inspiration to work. As we are committed to our customers to maintain the high standards of interior design, they love our works and trust us.

Its been so long since I was seeking an interior design company. I have got Deft decor and talked to the designers. They hears about my expectations and designed my drawing-room the same as I wanted. The designers are very professional. They helped me a lot to create my dream home. I highly appreciate their work and recommend the company.

Shams W.Pawel Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

I appreciate their hard work and dedication to building my elegant drawing-room. I am especially thankful to the designers for working hard every day. I appreciate the way they handle everything. I did not think about the amazing support from the company. I highly recommend the company for drawing room interior.

Sobuj Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

One thing I have liked about them is the affordable solution for everyone. I was in so doubt about the budget for my drawing room interior design. But when I came to Deft decor, I have got my solution. Designers are very helpful. I am so delighted with their service. It's one of the best companies for interior design. The designers have completed the entire project beautifully.

Shams W.Pawel Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

    Why Choose Deft decor

    As a team of professional interior designers, we try our best to create an appealing view of your rooms. Our designers serve our clients with their best and they work proficiently keeping pace with the modern trends. If you are looking to create the best view of your rooms and home, you can leave it to our interior designers to full fill your dreams. Our designers can transform every corner of your home with a touch of excellence in the best possible ways. Our designer handle every task with a detailed plan and proper execution. It’s the wisest decision to go for the best interior design company in Bangladesh.

    To work successfully on your project, we will assign a group of expert designers. Every one of the designers will work to deliver the final design for you. They will work to provide a creative solution for you within the fastest time.

    Our designers will plan for your project like space analysis, color concepts, final selections, finish plan, schedule the project, and product installation. Once they finish the project, they will handover it over to you.

    If your living room is large enough, we will break the space into two distinct seating areas. We will try to use the furniture that will be small so that a single zone can create space for four people at least.

    Our designers can give you a unique feature to your room by creating a feature wall. They have ideas of creating a focal point in a room using form, color, and texture. It can be the main wall in your room. The wall can be painted with color and mirrored. They can add a large art or painting. They can finish the wall with wallpaper and stone.

    If you live in a high-rise apartment, you can make a garden on your balcony. We will create a vertical wall and hang baskets with plants. We will install faux grass flooring. We will add several ornamental plants to decorate your garden.

    frequently asked questions

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    Which kind of furniture will be better for my drawing-room?

    For the drawing-room interior, you can pick leather furniture. Besides, you can pick fabric furniture. Furniture comes in different ranges of texture and color. When you chose, ensure that it fits your style. Focus on the durability of the furniture. Leather furniture will be more durable.

    What are the problems I can face when I buy furniture online?

    It's a popular trend now to buy furniture online because people like to buy everything online. But if you face any problem, it will create a loss for your budget. If you prefer to buy furniture online, make ensure that you deal with a real person. Do not miss checking any design. You cant try or see the furniture physically before you buy furniture. And our designers cant guide you while buying furniture. It's better if you visit furniture stores in your area.

    Which one should I choose at first, paint or fabric?

    Chose your fabric before you pick a paint. You can match the paint easily with the fabric. When choosing the fabric, there are a huge number of options. But there is a limited number of paints you can choose from. It will be better to choose the fabric at first.

    How will I choose the artwork for my drawing-room?

    Once you decide to get matching artwork for your wall, ensure that you pick the right palette of color. Chose an art that will match the main color of the room. For example, if you chose a sofa in navy blue color, chose art in earthy color.

    Can I separate a small space in my drawing-room?

    People need a separate space in the drawing-room for their personal works. We can do it for you. Our designers have amazing ideas to separate your space. We can bring floating curtains. Designers can hang them from the ceiling. Besides, a bookshelf can be used to separate the small space.

    Can I paint the wall of my drawing room with bright color?

    Most of the time, our designers suggest painting the wall of the drawing-room with white color. Painting with white color makes the room look trendy. The color matches everything in the room. If you want something different, paint it a white color.

    How will you fill-up the wall?

    The wall of your drawing room can be filled up with family photos and a piece of artwork. Besides we can set a mirror. The collage of photos will look eye-catching. We can create a collage using different frames and hang it on the wall making it aesthetic to look. Our designers have amazing ideas to decorate your wall with black and white pictures. Black and white pictures will make your wall look luxurious.

    Can I add more lighting in my drawing-room?

    A well-designed drawing room needs the right amount of lighting. We can suggest lights with exciting styles and features. If you want, you can bring different lighting to your drawing-room. To create a cozy and warm atmosphere, you can get table lamps and floor lamps can be a good option. The bright lighting can make a drawing-room visually appealing.

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