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Bedroom interior design is a crucial part that ensures that it will be a source of peace and satisfaction. We plan for the modern bedroom interior design keeping pace with the design of the entire house and the needs of the owner. A bedroom is a private place, we design bedrooms with furniture that is not a heavy and neutral color. We create an appealing design with natural materials and natural light as a top bedroom interior design in Bangladesh. We focus on simplicity making it simple yet aesthetic with the highest comfort. We pick the right color, furniture, and lighting making it a perfect combination to look elegant. With the appropriate lighting, we chose the right shades based on personal preference. We pick sleek and elegant furniture to create your dream bedroom. You have to relax and we will take care of everything from planning to executing the plan as top bedroom interior design. You are allowed to make any changes before we begin the work.

Our Bedroom Interior service Include

Our design experts focus on the design based on your personal preferences and needs. We have gorgeous modern bedroom interior design ideas with the latest accessories for the best bedroom design. We can create a minimal look, colorful style, or something new to give your bedroom a crisp style. We have ideas for a beautiful closet, slick units, and bedroom lights to make it an eye-catchy modern bedroom. Our designers pick a soothing color to make you feel relaxed and sleep restfully. As floor lamps are trendy, we create a valuable space to give a crisp look. The latest bedroom designs are planned to bring something new with color-changing light, certain, pendant lights, pieces of art, floor lamps, and frameless mirrors to create a unique design.

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Progress moves us forward without marginalizing efforts to disrupt responsibility toward a potential the compromising.

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Our team members will understand your needs and work with full dedication. Expert designers are skilled in creating designs meeting the standards. They are specialized and committed to delivering work on time. You can leave your dream design to our designers to handle.


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Our Customer Review

The deft decor has a bunch of satisfied customers in the world. Their positive feedback is our ultimate inspiration to work. As we are committed to our customers to maintain the high standards of interior design, they love our works and trust us.

Before talking to the designers, I was really confused. But after talking to an expert designer, I have told you about all of my requirements and expectations. One thing I have noticed is that the designer listens to me very carefully. I appreciate that! I have not even thought that he would be so friendly. They have given my bedroom a dreamy look. Hope to design my entire house from the Deft decor.

Shams W.Pawel Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

I have always expected to create a dreamy look for my bedroom. But I have never found the right interior service company. When I reached Deft decor and talked to the designers, I have finalize my project. It was a good experience for me. My bedroom design is liked by my friends. I defiantly recommend this company for bedroom interior service.

Sobuj Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

When I have seen the complete project, I could not believe it. The furniture, the windows, the ceiling, everything was perfect as I always wanted. The designers are very supportive. Thanks to the team for the satisfying interior services. The designers talk professionally. Thanks to the company for the full support.

Shams W.Pawel Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

    Why Choose Deft decor

    As a team of professional interior designers, we try our best to create an appealing view of your rooms. Our designers serve our clients with their best and they work proficiently keeping pace with the modern trends. If you are looking to create the best view of your rooms and home, you can leave it to our interior designers to full fill your dreams. Our designers can transform every corner of your home with a touch of excellence in the best possible ways. Our designer handle every task with a detailed plan and proper execution. It’s the wisest decision to go for the best interior design company in Bangladesh.

    To work successfully on your project, we will assign a group of expert designers. Every one of the designers will work to deliver the final design for you. They will work to provide a creative solution for you within the fastest time.

    Our designers will plan for your project like space analysis, color concepts, final selections, finish plan, schedule the project, and product installation. Once they finish the project, they will handover it over to you.

    If your living room is large enough, we will break the space into two distinct seating areas. We will try to use the furniture that will be small so that a single zone can create space for four people at least.

    Our designers can give you a unique feature to your room by creating a feature wall. They have ideas of creating a focal point in a room using form, color, and texture. It can be the main wall in your room. The wall can be painted with color and mirrored. They can add a large art or painting. They can finish the wall with wallpaper and stone.

    If you live in a high-rise apartment, you can make a garden on your balcony. We will create a vertical wall and hang baskets with plants. We will install faux grass flooring. We will add several ornamental plants to decorate your garden.

    frequently asked questions

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    How can I pick the paint color?

    Choosing the right color for the bedroom interior is one the important facts. But it's a bit tough to pick the paint color. Our designers can help you to select the paint color. You can check the paint color list to make your bedroom look great

    How will you assign a designer for my bedroom interior?

    We provide the highest quality interior design service by our expert team. A team of interior designers will work on your bedroom interior design. A designer will lead the entire team. The rest of the team will work until your project is finished completely. Our designers give a fast creative solution to finish your project.

    Can I return any furniture which already have bought?

    Before we order your furniture, we will give you a design sheet with the furniture photos and the details of the furniture. After the final sale, we can not accept the return. We hardly face this kind of situation. In most cases, we have nothing to do. We like to maintain our company policy.

    What is the first task that you finish?

    When designing a bedroom, we pick a theme and style for the room. We can pick an elegant minimal theme for your bedroom with colors, lighting, furniture, and textures for creating your dreamy theme. You can choose a theme also. If you dont have a theme choice, we can create a theme for you with a modern style.

    Can you design my small bedroom?

    Yes, we have impressive designing ideas for small bedrooms. Our designers can give your bedroom an elegant look. To make your bedroom look big, we can paint the wall with soft color. Even we can use white color if you want. In the case of the small bedrooms, we turn any of the walls into a feature wall with a different painting. You dont need to worry because we pick the small pieces of furniture making it an impressive sitting room.

    How can I add lighting for my bedroom?

    We have enormous ideas to create a combination of accent and standard lights. Our designers are experts in creating different kinds of lighting for bedroom design. It can be free-standing lighting and light in form of a pendant. Our designers can add alluring floor lamps and night lights which will focus on the wall art.

    How much time does it take to finish the design?

    The time to finish the project depends on the length and tasks of the project. If it's a small project, three months will be enough for our expert designers. If it's a large project, designers will take around six months to one year complete your interior design procedure. To know the time to finish, you can check the detailed process first.

    What is your main style for bedroom interior design?

    When we start the design process, we focus on the taste and needs of our customers. We give importance to their taste of decor. We try to make the design unique, modern and luxurious. You can browse and check our previous projects to have an idea of our recent works and see how dedicated our designers are.

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    As you already know that we are the top interior firm in Dhaka, you can trust our company for the interior design of your home. Our designers are ready to handle your project and show their creativity. All you have to do is come to our office and let us know about your project.

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